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DocsApp is built for software companies to publish beautiful documentation.

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Customize landing page for your documentation and use your company's style. Allows your product developers to discover documentation and get started in seconds.

  • Simple yet powerful platform

  • Custom CSS & JavaScript

  • Powerful markdown editor

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Revolutionizing the way publish documentation!

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Essential features for documentation hub.

DocsApp allow you create amazing documentation hub.

  • Full text search

  • Multiple versions

  • Support Forum

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Your business needs, met

Everything you need to create and publish amazing documentation hub.


Focus on write documentation instead of managing infrastructure for hosting documentation.


Manage document versions with a single click to fork and keep old versions for reference.


Customize layout, look, and feel to match your brand in seconds.

Static Page

Write any static HTML page for customization such as dedicated contact us page and privacy page.

Support Forum

Support user requests such as questions and ideas for your product.

Private Documentation

Internal documentation protected behind authentication. Currently supports DocsApp, GitHub, GitLab, and Auth0.


Write documentation using simple and powerful Markdown syntax. The simple editor allows content writers to focus on writing awesome documentation.


Collaborate with team members to write documentation. Invite new members with a single click.


Full-text search included to allow users to search your documentation easily. No extra configuration.

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